6 thoughts on “Humility- An important characteristic for a Muslim Jabril Muhammad”

  1. Alhumdu’illah! Beautiful introduction and content tonight (as usual). Thank you all Beloved. Asa.

  2. ASA Believers, Humility is best and most necessary characteristics that will help us in the development of the self and bring us closer to the nature in which we are created in. In addition it will help us in choosing the “ONE” that ALLAH chooses to guide us through these critical times. A

  3. Humility is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. I truly believe that displaying the characteristics of humility displays the god power within an individual, however, living in a society such as this ,we have been conditioned to believe that strength and importance is associated with vanity and arrogance.

  4. ASA!
    I cleared the word “humility,” and put it into several sentences to have an understanding.
    Humility is submission, meekness, not looking at one’s own importance, but the importance of the Whole.

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